Rabbit and Shrew

Rabbit and Shrew

Rabbit and Shrew, 2019, approx: 80x170x170cm, hand carved wooden sculpture.

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Rabbit and Shrew s1

The theme of this project was sustainability, I choose to take this meaning as to consider how materials for work can be sourced and used sustainably.

This led me to look for wood in a nearby forest where I live. This peice of wood was cut by the local council as part of forest managment which meant regardless of my presence this wood would still have been cut down making it found material. While it was damp with a little bit of rot it was not too deebly set and could be cleaned away for a solid piece of wood and since it was a conveint size I chose this piece to carve the rabbit from.

Rabbit and Shrew s2

I started by drawing out a basic shape of the rabbit so I could work out how much material I had to work with.

Rabbit and Shrew s3

The the largest spaces of unneeded material were cut away using a saw.

Rabbit and Shrew s4

Once the largest pieces were sawed off I used a large wood carving chisel to start rounding down the form.

Rabbit and Shrew s5

After the basic form was finished a smaller chisel was used to smooth down the surface and carve into smaller areas.

Rabbit and Shrew s6

Unfortuantly during the carving process the ear broke off: to fix this I used glue to fix it back on with duct tape to hold them firmly in place while it dried to make sure it did not slip or that the glue did not push the join outwards.

Rabbit and Shrew s8

Once the join was fixed a small chisel (around 1cm head) was used to carve the smaller details such as the eyes and nose as well as to shave down rough lines to make the form smoother.

Rabbit and Shrew s7

Due to the wood being water logged when found it had abrubtly cracked during the carving process. Leaving the log to dry out before carving may have been able to prevent this cracking.

Rabbit and Shrew s9

Rabbit and Shrew s11

A shrew was created by carving a tail from a stick and joining it into a small log that was found in the same forest as the log for the rabbit.

Rabbit and Shrew s10

The final installation used pinecones found in the forest and left over wood shaving to create a bed around the two carvings.