NightMare, 2020, approx: 125cmx75cmx35, fabric and metal wire scultpure.

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NightMare s1

In this project we were instructed start from found objects or materials: I had chosen some old curtains left in storage.

Due to how curtians have some small symbolic connections with dreams I started to explore making the form of a horse from the curtains as a female horse can also be symbolic of nightmares.

Following similar methods to making a plushie, three main shapes were cut out in the shape of a horses' body (minus the head and hooves).

NightMare s2

Next the parts were pinned in place and then sewn together insideout so that the stitching is hidden when flipped the right way round.

NightMare s3

Once all the main parts were sewn together it was flipped the right way round. The opening is left unstitched around becuase this is the largest area and connects to all the other body parts which would make putting the wire armature inside easier.

NightMare s4

The armature is made using wire and tape by creating the basic box shape of the form and then bending in place another wire for strength in triangular cross sections. Due to limited time, masking tape was used to keep the wires in place as opposed to soldering.

NightMare s6

To give the some emotion the ears were pinned backwards by being sewn down. I this position over others because in horse this communicates fear or weariness which fit into the theme of nightmares.

Hair for the horse was made by cutting the left over scrapes of curtains into rough strips with a slight point at the end. These were than all sewn on by hand with the base being slightly folded in on itself to make the hair appear slightly more voluminous than it actually is.

NightMare s7

Originally in the first exhibition for the horse it was pinned upside down against a curtain made of the remaing fabric scrapes, however, during the day it was difficult to see and out of the different installtions for the horse this was my least favourite one.

NightMare s10

hanging it in the stairway made it easier to veiw the form of as people could veiw it from two side as well as walk under it. Being in a main path forced people to walk towards it which may have contributed to its' subtly overshadowing and spectral image.

NightMare s9

Out of all the installations, hanging it in the sculpture court of the building was the most effective at creating an ominous mood. Firstly the string that held the horse up was hard to see because it matched the pillars and walls of the room which made it harder for the veiwer to understand how it was hanging up there.

The size of room also contributed to make the horse look spectral as it could be held very high above the veiwer in a big empty space, both overshadowing the veiwer and being out of their reach which in turn made it take longer for the veiwer to comprehend what it was which added a sense of unknown for a breif moment.

NightMare s11